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Los Angeles

Special thanks to @roze.volca @jenseo  @biancamonica and @kitchentoke for their recommendations on all the things you need to know, to experience LA while stoned.

Etiquette Disclaimer: As always, please exercise discretion while smoking in public places.

1. Weed friendly places to stay

If you're booking a trip to LA, and aren't down with the whole "Don't smoke weed at my place", check this Airbnb listing out, and free your mind of life's burdens.

2. Finding weed once you've arrived

Go to LAPCG. Why? Because they have the best curation of products out there, and you won't be disappointed. Also, they stock our travel kits — so they know what's up.

3. Most chill spots to smoke a joint

Reserve a date and time, or just head over to Lowell Cafe and consume that good good. Just imagine: smoking in an actual establishment.

4. Good eats and tasty treats

  • The Kitchen Toke team says @marcelvigneron serves up the best small dishes at Wolf Dining. If you have the munchies and when you see him ask him for his favorite food truck in LA
  • Jones Hollywood for a meatball sandwich, which is conveniently right next to LAPCG
  • Burgers Never Say Die for a seriously good burger

5. Words from the wise

“Take a Kin Slip and go to Friends & Family in Hollywood. Get a coffee and bomb ass pastries to go. She recommends the cheddar biscuit and something sweet to counterbalance it. They have really good lemonade and booze in the open fridge too if that’s your thing.” — @roze.volca

6. Things to do while stoned

  • Walk to Barnsdall Art Park and enjoy one of the most underrated views of Hollywood the city has to offer
  • People watch at the boardwalk
  • Swim in the ocean and roll in the sand
  • Eat lunch in an abandoned zoo — (directions here)
    From Crystal Springs Drive/Griffith Park Drive, turn west at Griffith Park Drive (this is not a typo, heading north, the name Griffith Park Drive makes a hard left as the pavement continues straight and changes name to Crystal Springs Drive. If going south, watch for the Griffith Park Drive sign and turn right). Watch closely for the sign a few hundred feet after the turn. The parking area is on the left. Dropped Pin near 5400 Griffith Park Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027. The link above is the exact location of the parking lot to the old zoo if you have trouble finding it!

Have something to add?

If you've got some spots you swear by, please feel free to share. That way we can build a resource for everyone. Email us or slide into our DMs.

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