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First things first, if you’re here, pronounce it right (Toronno). And while you’re around, here’s a few recommendations from Another Room’s very own @shafeezw and @cpopovee.

Etiquette Disclaimer: Adults 19+ can consume cannabis anywhere you can smoke a cigarette in Toronto.

1. Finding weed once you've arrived

The best spot so far is Nova Cannabis. You won't feel crowded in, might learn a thing about terpenes, and if you're into sativa's — you might love Tangerine Dream.

2. Most chill spots to smoke a joint

3. Good eats and tasty treats

  • Petty Cash (anything @natetasty does — we're in)
  • If you can get yourself a spot at a Dirrrrrt Dinner, do it
  • Check out Nunu if you're craving Ethiopian food
  • Banjara is always the go-to when it comes to Indian food
  • It would be a disservice if we didn't mention Blaze Pizza
  • The beef cheek tacos at Grand Electric (in Parkdale) are delightful
  • The food at Byblos will be one of those things you never forget
  • Get doughnuts from COPS — you won't be disappointed

4. Things to do while stoned

Have something to add?

If you've got some spots you swear by, please feel free to share. That way we can build a resource for everyone. Email us or slide into our DMs.

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