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How To Clean Your Flip Flops

How To Clean Your Flip Flops

A handy dandy step by step guide on cleaning your flip flops. Don't have flip flops? We have a few you might like.

Dirty flip flops, no problem!

Dirty flip flops, no problem!

You wore your flip flops, and now they're kind of dirty. We have you covered! Follow our step by step guide to get your flops looking flippin' awesome.

How to clean:

  • Read this post and gather your supplies
  • Fill a sink, tub, or bucket with warm water
  • Shake/squirt a fair amount of baking soda or soap into the vessel of water
  • Submerge your flip flops into the body of water
  • Grab your toothbrush and scrub a dub dub
  • Once your flip flops are looking shiny and new again you rinse with cold water and set to dry
  • Empty your sink
  • Put toothbrush somewhere where it wonโ€™t be used for its true purpose.
  • Reward yourself for a job well done, and enjoy your newly cleaned flip flops

Things you'll need

  • A toothbrush โ€” one you no longer wish to use for your teeth
  • Baking soda or dish soap
  • Water โ€” it's the secret ingredient!