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Live Entertainment

Live Entertainment

Welcome to the show! Below you’ll find a constantly curated list of things to watch, look at, and enjoy.

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The Jelly Cam

The Georgia Aquarium has blessed us with a live feed of their jellies, and it’s as mesmerizing as it sounds. Are you ready for this jelly? Pro-tip: Display the jellies on your TV and turn off the lights.

Watch the jellies

2 Lizards IGTV Series

Okay no spoilers here — just go watch. The entire series is 20 minutes from start to finish.

Watch this now

A Magic Show

Once upon a time we put on a magic show with talented (and hilarious) Rob Teszka, adapting to the times Rob and his fellow performers are putting on live shows through Zoom and Facebook live. Rumour has it he’s also developing a few special shows just for us. Stay tuned for that.

Watch live magic

The Jelly Marble Race

“These videos treat the cast of marbles as though they were athletes. Acting as though the inanimate marbles use actual tactics, training, and psychology to compete, fans participate in an elaborate kayfabe to create engaging marble sports.” And yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

Off to the races

Laundry Day Lounge

One of our favourite pipe companies, Laundry Day launched a series of digital rooms designed to enhance your experience and encourage relaxation. The first, starring Rachel Saunders Ceramics and Diana Lynn VanderMeulen leaves you feeling warm, weightless, and expanded.

Get lost

Tiny Chef Show

A tiny chef creates the world’s tiniest dishes for the world’s tiniest cooking show. Honestly, this might be one of the greatest things on the internet.

Tune In