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A never-ending list of portable munchies

Keep reading this very important content, for a never-ending list of munchies that fit into The New Kit.

  • Any and all mini bags of chips 
  • Mini bags of cheezies — Hawkins or bust
  • Pop Rocks
  • Bubblegum
  • A small tupperware filled with homemade cookies 
  • Bag of jerky 
  • Mini cereal boxes — PRO TIP any coffee shop will give you milk 
  • Any granola bars but we’re fond of anything dipped in chocolate 
  • Small can of Pringles
  • Xplosive Pizza goldfish
  • Smart Sweets (we recommend the Sour Blast Buddies)

  • DIY trail mix with salty popcorn and peanut M&M’S
  • 6" Sub
  • A jar of 5 cent candy
  • Strawberry Marshmallows from Muji
  • Technically Pure Beauty pre-rolls aren’t a snack, but who’s to say?
  • Your snack here

Have something to add?

If you've got a snack you always carry and think it should be on this list, we'd love to know. Just email us or slide into our DMs. If you'd rather, we also have a google form you can fill out.