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Jet lag cures by Miss Grass

Need to take care of that jet lag? Here's the 411 on feeling fly from our friends at Miss Grass.

The Miss Grass Standard

Miss Grass is on a mission to make cannabis accessible by making you smart about weed—the science, the history, the culture, and the products that work best.

Clean — Highly vetted ingredients, so you know what’s inside.
Trusted — Highly tested in third-party labs, so you know it’s safe.
Effective — Highly recommended by the experts, so you know it works.

Plant People Sleep Drops

These drops with CBD and CBN are critical for anyone trying to catch some Zs when the old circadian rhythm is out of sorts.

Apothecanna’s Circulation Oil

Apothecanna’s Circulation Oil is nice and light and massaged into the feet and lower legs works magic to stave off long-haul flight cankles.

Vertly Lip Balm

Vertly Balm is the only thing that restores our lips on a flight and keeps them from looking like they’ve been hit by a desert sand storm.

Uplifting Ildi Roller

A little bit of this roller on the temples and inner wrists is the best way to step off a plane and into a brand new world feeling fresh fresh fresh.

Cordial Organics Gua Sha

Avoid deplaning as a puffy little blowfish with a little gua sha and face oil trick.

Robyn for Balance

Boost energy and fight jet-lag with a good pick-me-up tincture like Robyn for Balance.

Khus Khus Rasa Potion

Sitting for hours on end can cause lymphatic blocks and super low energy. We fight those with this all-over body rub.

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