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The art of going nowhere

Welcome to a round up on how to best do nothing for the night, weekend, or however long you want. Put together by a few of our friends.

"A jar of Manuka honey (for the face) flaming hot Cheetos (for the bod) and a bottle of natural red (for the mind) throw an indica pre-roll in there and I wont leave the house for the weekend let alone the night." — @oliviakennedy_ of @findyouressential

"YouTube your future. Love spending time LATE NIGHTS exploring and satisfying my informational needs to take me to the next level." — @braindings

"Take my bra off, burn some palo santo, get in bed, surround myself with a bunch of pillows, throw on a face mask (with Potli honey) on and watch all the reality tv shows on my mini projector." — @jseoo of @madebykiva

"Obviously smoking a bowl in my apartment. From there, ordering some Thai food and turning on some kind of chick flick, anything with a little romance and drama." — @jennywichman of @yewyew