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Top tips for travelling stoned

We asked some of our friends about how to best travel while stoned, and then put that into a post for you to pick and choose from.

Eliminate as many decisions as possible BEFORE you smoke.

“Download your favourite podcasts, cop your favourite snacks, and have your music playlist on deck so that your mind has less choices to make and you can focus more on relaxing & enjoying your trip in a peaceful mindset.” — @merakitips

For optimal chill always have CBD in your stash.

“I’m actually not a super social smoker or one to leave the house while high...and that’s ok! If I’m on vacation I always like to make sure to have my chill spot stocked with water and snacks so that I don’t need to venture out into an unfamiliar environment if the munchies strike. I also always have CBD in my stash - just in case I’m a bit too elevated and need to take things down a notch.” — @vle_a from

Just keep smiling, just keep smiling.

“When travelling stoned, honestly, just have a big ass smile on your face! Because regardless of how awkward you may feel, no one is gonna come at you looking all suspiciously happy and friendly. Keep that energy up and laugh through the high. I generally wear bucket hats to cover my high eyes too, lol.” — @ohhmygeeg from @artandtimesofchill

Trust the locals.

“I usually like to rely on a local homie to show off their favourite flower. Trusting someone to curate then taking a trip in their preferred state makes me feel like a hizo local.” — @dsutton1986 from @tantaluslabs

You're never too prepared.

“Always roll one more than you think you'll need.” — @arejayyyyy from @_studioaok

Remember to pack the essentials.

“Always travel with healthy snacks, a big refillable water bottle, and noise cancelling headphones. For long flights I use the @kana_bbeauty sleep mask to stay fresh.” — @thebigoh from @levo_oil

When camping, vape in the name of safety.

“Mine is For camping in high temps. I like to keep a waterproof bag with all my vapes inside so I can keep them in the cooler so they don’t leak. I always vape on camping trip because no chance of accidental fire.” — @roze.volca

Hydration is your friend.

“My best travel tip for being stoned is HYDRATION. Big reusable water bottle with straw, yummy oils, at least 4 lip balms (obvs bias but the one I created with @dedcool is a fave), eye drops - I love the lychee ones by Rhoto they are cute and they burn so good. Traveling stoned is so fun if you don’t dry out. The other day I made a new friend stoned on an airplane and now we are BFF I kept offering her hand cream, those salt canisters I love. IMHO if I stop hydrating for even one second I will evaporate in a puff of dust like the wicked witch of the west in reverse.
” — @leowithcancer

Stay busy with snacks and activities.

“Snacks. And a variety of them. Interactive activities, crossword, sudoku - whatever is your pleasure. No loose J's. Buy the Another Room doob tube already. Oh, and oil for long plane rides (within legal jurisdictions)... what a time to be alive.” — @mannipulator

Don't mix up your flowers.

“Always separate your sativa and indica joints into their own doob tubes. No one needs a 3 hour nap at 2pm... okay maybe sometimes.” — @shafeezw

“I've actually never travelled stoned. However, one time I ate a punch of –insert magical plant that ends in rooms– because I accidentally had them on me. And what I'll say is that Mt Baker was certainly a different, and more colourful experience. So as a general tip I'd say embrace the high, and make it intentional - what do you want to get out of it?” — @keightythousand

Want to share your tip?

Everyone has their share of tricks and rituals. Feel free to share yours with us by email, or just DM us on Instagram.