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What grip fins are and how it led to the Jointlocker 2.0

It has nothing to do with sharks! Learn more here...

To know what they are, we need to start with why we needed to add them!

During the Jointlocker 1.0 production run, we learned that all BIC lighters are slightly different in size …we’re talking micrometers.

This meant we’d need to quality check every single Jointlocker for the fit of a BIC lighter. To put it simply, we saw a higher percentage of unsellable Jointlockers than we wanted. So we knew it wouldn't be sustainable to continue on like this, and test each single unit for fit.

We needed a new way forward! And it needed to somehow fit every variation of BIC lighters.

We knew this would require the opening of the lighter area to be a bit bigger than before – but had no idea how the HECK would we keep the lighter from falling out.

Enter the grip fins

A small but mighty design feature within the lighter area of the Jointlocker 2.0, that clamps onto the BIC lighter once inserted into the Jointlocker – keeping it secure, and leaving no room for it to fall out.

Photo Caption: Grip fins in the lighter area on the Jointlocker 2.0

This meant that we no longer needed to test for BIC lighter fit during QC, and that it would drastically reduce our overall rejection rate during the production process.

We spent the first half of 2023 iterating on 40+ versions of the Grip Fins

  • Slant 3D presented us with a way we could iterate the product, and provided us with a file we could print at home to prototype – Another Reason to love 3D printing
  • From here we printed 15+ versions, each bigger than the next, to help determine the tightest and loosest fit of a BIC lighter
  • This turned into more iterations from our manufacturer, and then many sample packs later, we finally got to the right place with the Grip Fins

Photo Caption: Shafeez in the midst of a fit test with 15+ BIC lighters, and 10+ Jointlockers.

And that brought us to the Jointlocker 2.0

Photo Caption: All colours of the Jointlocker 2.0 standing next to each other, with their caps mixing and matching.

With an updated lighter fit (thanks to the grip fins), and 28% less material, The Jointlocker 2.0 is built for maximizing your smoking pleasure. Easily store your BIC lighter and joint, then twist on the cap for safe keeping! It’s the thing you never knew you needed until now.